CAD Customization

Design and Drawing Automation Services from EGS India

Companies are trying to find ways to improve the productivity, putting knowledge to efficient re-use ,eliminating errors and reducing response time to customer requests. EGS India is working with engineering industries in successfully automating their design and drawing generation efforts.EGS India Design team can address real challenges in product design and development.

Real-world Situations:
Customers want drawings for approval, to facilitate procurement process. The drawing generation process is time consuming and un-productive, when the order does not materialize. For regular drawing generation process,Design engineer time consumed is more with less value addition Marketing and Sales departments needs drawings of parts available in brochure which is to be provided, action is taken immediately on request, with no time. Such drawings, once approved by customers, should not be revised. Web enabled and automated, it would facilitate faster turnaround time for RFQ and provides customer with a high level of satisfaction of response time.Designs are evolved based on standards such as ASME, EJMA, TEMA, BS, API among others. Every time the design engineer enters requisite design data in Microsoft Excel tables and gets sizing parameters. The same is then provided to the draughtsman to update the views, dimensions and Bill-of-Materials. Any error in spreadsheet calculation or drawing results in re-work, rejections on shopfloor, wrongful purchase of parts/ inventory management and above all incalculable loss in terms of time, money and reputation. Automation of the calculation and drawing generation exercise would result in elimination of such errors and resulting losses.EGS India addresses many challenges faced by customers world-wide by exploiting 3D CAD, Knowledge on Management Processes and Automation technology using algorithms.

Why EGS India?
Projects involving design and drawing automation have been in production usage for well over a decade. EGS is the chosen automation partner world-wide,

  • Efficient Knowledge Design Engineering Calculations per Standards
  • Capability to build 3D CAD models with associative 2D CAD drawings based on driving dimensions
  • Automation Code development infrastructure with Visual Studio .NET framework
  • Proven and Trusted for automation of large design and drawing development initiatives
  • Design Process to aid Automation