Elastomer FEA

Elastomer FEA - Benefits to Customers

Simulating elastomers using FEM / FEA can be challenging due to the highly non-linear behaviour and incompressible effects. EGS India has developed considerable domain expertise in addressing performance issues as applied to seals, o-rings, boots, tyres, composite panels, gaskets for a variety of applications ranging from assembly process, creep, fatigue among others. Our expertise has helped customers overcome many challenges and some of the benefits include:

  • Development of Cost-effective Designs in Shorter turnaround time
  • Improved Reliability: Capturing of Failure modes and accurate estimation of Life
  • Elimination of Design Failures in the field while improving Performance

Elastomer FEA - Experience of EGS India

EGS India has extensive capabilities to simulate material and / or geometric non-linearities, contact and pre-loading conditions (including interference FIT), non-linear buckling, correlations to test, in addition to deriving material properties based on test data, for elastomers such as rubber, neoprene among others. Some of the past projects completed by EGS India include:

  • Articulation of Rubber Boot assembly on Ball Joints
  • Seals and O-rings - Assembly and functional testing
  • An-isotropic material modelling of Composites for automotive applications
  • Contact stress analysis of ceramic seals
  • Tyre Inflation Analysis
  • Wheel Tire Assembly Analysis - Radial Fatigue Test