3DExperience Works

3DExperience is a Truly Collaborative Platform on the Cloud, for
Manufacturing Industry to stay competitive

Improve Business Profitability by staying Digitally Connected

3DExperience Works is the Next Generation Platform based Engineering Solution for Design, Manufacture, Quality and Supply Chain to collaborate in a Secure Environment. Faster response to Customers, Visibility on Process Status, Trail of Engineering Activities for Traceability while leveraging on Powerful 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS - the de facto standard in Design Engineering. Instead of using disparate tools to conduct day to day business functions, 3DExperience Platform empowers Teams to deliver on time, on target, on cost goals. Knowledge sharing, Digital Transformation of Organizational Processes and Visual Collaboration from Enquiry to Order fulfillment are the hallmarks of 3DExperience Platform. Built from scratch, ground up, 3DExperience Platform has been used by varied Industrial segments for effective management of processes using a unique technological advancement that Dassault Systemes offers to its customers, to stay competitive.

3DExperience Works

  • SOLIDWORKS On The Cloud for truly collaborative approach
  • Cloud based architecture that saves on IT Infrastructure costs
  • 3D for All - Sharing 3D CAD Data according to roles and responsibilities
  • Empowering Data Collaboration with Secure access
  • Role based Licensing - A Unique Initiative that helps save costs with a lower overall cost of ownership

3DExperience Works Benefits

  • Very little IT Footprint in terms of infrastructure & personnel
  • Pay for what you use with Quarterly, Yearly License Options
  • Cloud Based storage
  • Clear Role based Licensing for Rights and Workflow Management
  • Easy to Use and Collaborate
  • Automatic Updates for Latest Technological Advances meant to help business stay competitive and conquer new markets

3DExperience Collaborative Business Innovator

Cloud Platform is enabled using Collaborative Business Innovator, an interactive domain where users across Cross-functional Teams interact, share ideas, exchange information and improve informed decision making at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop, secure and maintain an IT infrastructure in today's competitive business scenario. Innovation is the key to creative usage of Collaborative Business Innovator platform to get things done and achieve continuous process and product improvement. Next Generation architecture and Future Ready technology are put in the hands of the Enterprise for swift, easy and smooth transition to Digital domain in terms of processes, for higher growth and profitability.


Faster response time to customers, Visual Collaboration to avoid mistakes or misunderstanding, Effiiciency, Mobility, Informed Decision making using Dashboards, Agility in New Product Development, Dynamic Tracking of Project Progress, Work from Home option to face unprecedented challenges are some of the advantages 3DExperience Collaborative Business Innovator offers over contemporary tools and technologies.

Community is a powerful way to collaborate. Surveys aid critical feedback on product and/or process. Discussion threads pertaining to an issue or customer request would be easy to trace. Whether it is Desktop or Hand help mobile devices, collaboration is instantaneous and powerful. Collaborative Business Innovator helps bridge the gaps in information management thereby enhancing productivity. These are vital for any organization to be efficienct, competitive and agile - denominators for assured profitability and growth.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

3DExperience sets a paradigm with truly innovative approach to collaboration, control and capability enhancement. Product Life Cycle Management, Revision Management, Workflow Administration, Task Management that are involved in day to day activities are digitally transformed with Collaborative Industry Innovator on the 3DExperience Platform. This helps augment efficient processes, enable continuous process improvement and establish best-in-class practices as espoused by ISO and other International Standards.


  • Comprehensive Data Management
  • Version and Revision Control
  • Workflow / Routing Management
  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Change Management


  • Cloud based Data Management with traceability
  • Single Version of Truth
  • Democratisation of Data for Re-Use to Organizational Benefis
  • Knowledge Capture
  • Process Tracking and Visibility
  • Approval and Information dissemination in truly digital mode
  • Incoropration of Best-in-class Business Processes