Change execution in a design is a tedious time consuming process as it involves number of steps and process. The 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS makes this traditional flow of process simple by keeping the steps interlinked and in a streamlined manner.

Change action with Issue Management

The main goal of 3DEXPERIENCE is to connect different people form the different department of the organization under one interface which makes possible for a person from the shop floor to connect with the design team or any other department.

The Change action in issue management includes several steps, they are;

  • Finding and raising the issue
  • Addressing and validating the issue
  • Raising a Change action from the issue
  • Solving the issue and update for approval
  • Approve and finish the issue

Let’s say if a person in the shop floor finds a misalignment issue in an assembly, he then proceeds to act on it by raising an issue on that particular assembly in 3DEXPEIENCE platform using issue management application.

This issue Management app in 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps to capture, track and manage issue from identification to resolving it completely in a streamlined and simple set of process

Admins of organization can allow any employee from their company to raise relevant issues against their products to improve overall product quality, work efficiency, collaboration and relationship between employees of different sectors.

New Change Request

Then the issue is validated by the corresponding manager in charge for more insight and confirmation with the design itself and the related mark-ups using 3D Mark-ups and verifying the need for mandatory design change based on that a change request raised initially.

The request is then validated and approved for a Change action with the due date and the severity level which depends on the particular issue.

The Design person then assigns the change action for an individual or himself to work on it by changing the maturity state of the file from frozen to in work and by creating a new revision.

He/she then starts working to resolve the issue in design level by updating the existing design, after completing the required change, the design change is validated by the regarding person who raised the changes action and released to use after the approval


The regarding in-charge validates the change action if required and finally set the Maturity state from in work to released.

In this way, any employee can raise an issue regarding a product or component through issue management app using the robust capabilities 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which can be validated by the design head and a change request or a change action itself can be directly raised to resolve the issue by working and completing proposed changes.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS makes this traditional tedious task simple to accomplish, makes the collaboration between different sectors/teams easier and to improve the work ethical relationship between the individuals in that organization for overall betterment and sustainable development.

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