Safe Migration from AutoCAD to SolidWorks 3D – Download DraftSight for 2D CAD for FREE

Benefits of SolidWorks for AutoCAD Users

  • Accurate Estimation of BOM ( Bill of Materials )
  • Re-use of existing 2D DWG and DXF Drawings of multiple versions
  • No requirement to convert existing legacy 2D Drawings – Saving Time, Effort and Cost
  • Ability to visualize, check and validate Design Concepts in 3D
  • Layout of Production-ready Parametric 2D Drawings that update automatically with Design Changes
  • Communicate 2D and 3D Designs using e-Drawings – for SolidWorks, DWG and DXF
  • Automation of Drawing creation using Macros, VBA, VB, VC++
  • Reduce or eliminate ECO’s and ECN’s ( resulting in cost benefits )
  • No need to Pay Maintenance for existing AutoCAD – Download DraftSight for FREE

DraftSight: Safe & Cost-effective Choice for AutoCAD Users

  • DraftSight for editing 2D DWG, DXF drawings
  • DraftSight is free for download and use
  • Read Mechanical Desktop Parts/ Assemblies/ Drawings with associativity
  • DraftSight: Opens and Saves all Versions of AutoCAD
  • Re-use of existing AutoLISP programs in addition to VB customization using DraftSight Premium Services
  • Maintain Layer Information Intact during Import and Export
  • Communication without barriers using e-Drawings – For 3D Designs & 2D drawings – View AutoCAD, SolidWorks & Pro/Engineer without CAD

Business Benefits for companies using AutoCAD

  • Safe re-use of existing legacy 2D CAD Data – No need to spend money in data conversion
  • No further investment in 2D CAD – No need to upgrade AutoCAD
  • e-Drawing – Free Viewer for DWG & DXF Files – Saves Money across the Company
  • Free DraftSight License (Web Activated) – Protects investment
  • No expensive upgrades of existing AutoCAD required – Saves Money
  • Perform Design Validation using FEA at concept stage – Saves Time, Effort and Money
  • More designs with the same team – Increases Design Productivity
  • Drastically Reduces product development time and cost – More products to market faster
  • Market YOUR Product Designs more effectively using e-Drawings
  • Customize designs using Superior API functionality – Drawing Automation reduces Time and Cost of development

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Why BUY SolidWorks from EGS India, Chennai?

  • Technical support from product design engineering team with in-depth experience in handling large design projects, since 1993
  • SolidWorks Authorized Testing, and Training Centre
  • Proven Ability to handle complex design challenges
  • Imparting innovative design processes and practices to accelerate product development
  • Faster response to manage mission-critical projects and ensure success.

Purchase SolidWorks in India by investing with the right partner – EGS India : Contact Us

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