SOLIDWORKS PDM Solution for Critical Data Management from EGS India – Reseller of SOLIDWORKS in Chennai, Coimbatore, India

Engineering Design data created by users in Organizations have knowledge embedded in the data created. Storing, locating, re-using and updating of Engineering Data is important to ensure that the organization benefits from the knowledge created and updated.

SOLIDWORKS PDM addresses the critical requirements of Collaborative Engineering, Engineering Change Management and Product Knowledge Re-use.

Easy to implement and use, SOLIDWORKS PDM is the only product data management solution (PDM solution) entirely integrated within Windows Explorer. Users perform all functions either through Windows Explorer or one of its CAD integrations. Through this PDM software functionality, users across the enterprise can readily manage files and collaborate more effectively throughout the product lifecycle.


  • Easy to implement and use
  • Provides scalable, secure access for large design teams
  • Enables companies to manage data at multiple locations with automatic file replication at each site
  • Automates simple workflow including ECN/ECO processes
  • Enables connectivity to MRP/ERP systems
  • Full audit trails enable regulatory compliance

SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Management Features & Benefits

  • Shortest Learning Curve
    • SOLIDWORKS Integration
    • Windows Integration
  • Secure Access
  • Full Document Preview
  • Find and Re-use Design Data
  • Template Manager
  • Distributed Design
  • Automated Approval Process Workflow
  • Audit Trail
  • ERP / MRP Connectivity

Why EGS India for your PDM Requirements?


  • Trusted Specialists in Data Management
  • Certified Enterprise PDM Professional for implementing PDM across the Enterprise
  • Knowledge of Work flow and Engineering Data Management

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