Oil – Gas

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS in Oil & Gas Industry

  • Design of Equipments, Vessels, Heat Exchangers used in Petro-checmical Plants
  • Integrated FEA for Tool Stress Analysis
  • Tolerance Analysis in 3D
  • Integrate with PDS and PDMS for equipment design in conjuction with plant design
  • Production-ready Bi-Directinal Parametric 2D Drawings that update automatically with Design Changes
  • Communicate 2D and 3D Designs using e-Drawings – for SOLIDWORKS, DWG and DXF
  • Automate Design Drawing generation process using SOLIDWORKS API and DriveWorks XPress
  • Reduce or eliminate ECO’s and ECN’s ( resulting in cost benefits )
  • Embed Design and Process Knowledge in Drawing automation using API, Equation Editor and Excel Integration

Special Toolset for Equipment Design

Business Benefits for companies using AutoCAD

  • Safe re-use of existing legacy 2D CAD Data – No need to spend money in data conversion
  • No further investment in 2D CAD – No need to upgrade AutoCAD
  • e-Drawing – Free Viewer for DWG & DXF Files – Saves Money across the Company
  • 3-user license of DWGEditor for every license of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription – Protects investment in 2D & 3D CAD
  • Perform Design Validation using Cosmos FloWorks & FEA at concept stage – Saves Time, Effort and Money
  • More Designs in Less Time – Increases Design Efficiency by Up-Front Engineering Simulation
  • Enhance Process Equipment Reliability
  • Market YOUR Product Designs more effectively using e-Drawings
  • Customize designs using Superior API functionality – Drawing Automation reduces Time and Cost of development.

Why BUY SOLIDWORKS, for Oil & Gas Equipment Design, from EGS India, Chennai / Coimbatore?

  • Technical support from product design engineering team with in-depth experience in handling large design projects, since 1993
  • SOLIDWORKS Authorized Testing, and Training Centre
  • Proven Experience in Design Simulation – RLA & Solution for Failures Modes
  • Imparting innovative design processes and best practices to accelerate product development
  • Specialists in Large Assembly Management, Design Automation using VBA & Drawing Automation

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