Design Engineering

EGS India’s core competence lies in Product Design wherein Virtual Prototypes are Conceived, Created using Premier CAD Software, Analyzed using Finite Element Analysis Techniques and Developed using Rapid Prototyping Processes. Our product design expertise comes from handling large projects in the automotive, agricultural, material handling and space applications. All our designs are validated using CAE Tools and Optimized for Low Cost and Weight.

Our engineers interact closely with our clients in evolving new product designs which are implicitly tested using Finite Element Analysis.

Drawings produced by EGS confirm to GD&T Specifications.

Design of Automotive GEROTER Oil Pump

Envelope Making Machine – Conceptual Design, Product Actualization , Prototype Development and Testing.

Product Design Capabilities at EGS India include:

Design Of Hydraulic Tilting Fixture

  • Concept Design
  • Design for Fit, Form and Function
  • Development of Drawings as per GD&T Standards
  • Design Calculations & DFMEA Documentation
  • Detailed Engineering of Design Concepts
  • Dimensional Management Services – perform Tolerance Stacks and variation simulation analysis.

Some of our Past and Present Design Projects Include:

Medical Equipment Plastics Exterior Aesthetic Design

Mechanical Press Design

  • Design and Development of Bar Code Scanners.
  • Quadra-Link rear suspension attachment to body structure for Mid-size Sedan.
  • Development of Helicopter Trolley for Precision Material Handling.
  • Air suspensions for heavy vehicles
  • Front Suspension Spindle Design for Sports Coupe.
  • Hydro-pneumatic Suspension for Tracked Vehicles
  • Feasibility study for High Horse Power Epi-Cyclic Gear Transmission for Tractor
  • Rear Axle Housing Design for Tractor
  • Special Purpose Machine Design Design of Actuation Mechanism and Structure for handling heavy-weight structures
  • Design of Gerotor Oil Lubricating Pump
  • Design for Assembly and Integration of Electronic/ Medical aggregates for Phaco-Emulsifiers
  • Design of Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses
  • Design of Integrated Mobile Storage Solutions.
  • Design of Aluminium Disc Brake Rotor for Automotive applications

Mobile Platform Design for Pharma Industry

Electric Geyser

Crank slider
Robot Model Logo2

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