EGS India has been the India-Wide Authorized Sales and Technical Support for Cosmos Suite of Finite Element Analysis Software products from Structural Research and Analysis Corporation, USA (SRAC) since 1997. EGS India provides technical support to customers in using SOLIDWORKS Simulation towards successful product simulation and development. Extensive analytical simulations have repeatedly demonstrated that SOLIDWORKS Simulation continues to be the market leader in providing Desktop Engineering solutions in the shortest possible time without compromising on accuracy. SOLIDWORKS Simulation (formerly CosmosWorks) is a powerful FEA solver exploiting the capabilities of Product Design using SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is the answer to Design Validation for Pro/Engineer, CATIA, Unigraphics – UG NX, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS CAD Engineering designs.

Comparative studies between SOLIDWORKS Simulation and other contemporary software have produced identical results while demonstrating superior computational speed and lesser resources

Application of SOLIDWORKS Simulation in Product Design Validation and Failure Mode Simulation include the following areas:

  • Stress calculations on Pressure Vessels and Equipments including comparison to ASME standard and Boiler Codes
  • Heat Exchangers for Thermal stresses, Heat Transfer Efficiency, Vibrations, Hydro-testing
  • Non-linear Simulation of Elastomers, Seals, Gaskets, Tyres, Bellows, Boots, re-inforced rubber components for strains, performance, durability, sealing effectiveness, pressure foot-print, deflections
  • Stiffness, Durability, Tri-axial / Random Vibration and Life estimation for automotive components such as wheels, control arms, suspension components, body structure, instrument panel clustre, cross-members, braking systems, engine mounts, steering assembly , tractor axles, housings among others
  • Estimation of loads, Deflection, Stresses, Life of Hydraulic Presses, Actuators, Mechanical Presses, Machining Centres, Special Purpose Machines, Geared Systems, High-speed Machining spindles
  • Value engineering on material handling equipments such as cranes, jacks, hoists, elevators including calculations of factors of safety, deflections, stresses and comparison to IS Standards
  • Remaining Life Analysis ( RLA ) of turbine components, dryers, process centrifuges, process equipments
  • Earthquake Engineering, Shock Calculations and Vulnerability Analysis of tall structures, columns, steel structures , process equipments, naval equipments and other critical systems
  • Engineering Fluid dynamic simulations ( CFD ) of process equipments, cyclones, heat exchangers, boilers, blowers, HVAC systems, Pressure drop across valves, Electronic Cooling and thermal management of critical systems

Return on Investment using SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been the highest among contemporary FEA Software. Design Optimization based on CAD models is easily accomplished in native CAD environment resulting in reduced time and cost.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been built for working with popular CAD software such as Pro/Engineer, CATIA, IDEAS, Unigraphics, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor, and a host of other CAD systems to perform analysis in a seamless manner.

True Contact analysis of assemblies with or without friction can be analysed using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Over 1000 components have been assembled and tested for computational efficiency. Using leading edge solver technology only SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been able to achieve unparalleled success in assembly analysis. There are no limitations on the size of assemblies.

FEA Reports are automatically compiled in HTML format for transfer across platforms both within and outside the Company. Stress plots and animations are transferable in VRML and Movie Sequences.

Why Purchase FEA Software from EGS India?

Having worked with SOLIDWORKS Simulation/M since 1984, EGS has proven expertise in product design and simulation. Very large problems involving almost a million Degrees of Freedom have been solved using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Numerous applications in the automobile, material-handling, pressure-vessel, process, machine-tool, defence, appliance and aerospace industries have been handled by EGS Personnel for clients in India and abroad.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides the user a choice of h – or p – Finite Elements for rapid convergence and accurate predictions. Automatic meshes include both translation and rotation Degrees of Freedom for achieving compatibility conditions. Multi-point constraint equations are automatically generated between incompatible meshes.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been developed based on years of research in Finite Element Technology. Analysis to test correlation has been performed extensively for varied situations by EGS India and SRAC, USA.

EGS India is committed to demonstrate SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA capabilities by working with customers on their real-world design issues.

Why choose SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Finite Element Analysis Software for Product Design & Development?

  • Most Popular FEA Software on PC Platform for Desktop Engineering
  • Ease of use by a Product Development Engineer to produce the Optimal Designs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution to Product Design and Development.
  • Works with ANY CAD Software and easier to use with proven capabilities similar to FEA Software such as ANSYS, NASTRAN and Kinematic Software such as ADAMS.
  • True Contact Analysis of Multi-Part Assemblies.
  • Internet Ready Reports
  • Trusted Technical Support from EGS India since 1997.
  • Both Hierarchical and Polynomial Finite Elements for greater Accuracy and Speed.
  • Extensive Correlation between Analysis data and Real-World Testing.
  • Benchmark Analysis Performed to Satisfy Customer Requirements.

Your Search for a Reliable Design Validation FEA Software ends here with SOLIDWORKS Simulation!! Be Assured of Trusted Support from Value Added Reseller ( VAR ) – EGS India

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