Sheet Metal

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SOLIDWORKS – Benefits for Sheet-metal Design

Sheet Metal


    • Advanced Features for Sheet Metal Design

    • Interactive Design of of Sheet Metal Surfaces

    • Bend Factor Calculations

    • Ability to visualize, check and validate Design Concepts in 3D

    • Production-ready Bi-Directinal Parametric 2D Drawings that update automatically with Design Changes

    • Communicate 2D and 3D Designs using e-Drawings – for SOLIDWORKS, DWG and DXF

    • Library Sketches, Features, Forming Tools, Parts, Assemblies for Drag-and-Drop

    • Accurate estimate of Blank requirement

    • Improve Reliability by performing FEA using Cosmos inside SOLIDWORKS – No Translation of design data

Special Toolsets for Sheet-metal Design


    • Rich Sheet-metal Features

    • Variety of Corner Treatment

    • Forming Tools

    • Blank Development for regular sheet metal parts

    • Bend Control Parameters

    • Flange Operations

    • Automatic Relief Cuts

Applications of SOLIDWORKS in Sheet-metal Design


    • Progressive Die Designs

    • Dies for Sheet-metal parts with complex shapes

    • Automation of Die designs for sheet-metal parts using SOLIDWORKS API

Salient Features of SOLIDWORKS Sheet metal design


    • Design a Part from the Flattened State and then Convert it to Sheet Metal

    • Design a Sheet Metal Part from the Flattened State

    • Design a Part from a Solid, then Convert it to Sheet Metal

    • Design a Sheet Metal Part from a Solid

    • Advanced Corner treatment

    • Lofted Bend with rich options for users

    • Add weld bead to corner of sheet-metal parts

    • Forming Tools from Design Library for different shapes

    • Recognize uniform thickness regular sheet-metal parts from imported CAD data such as Pro/Engineer, SDRC IDEAS, CATIA, AutoCAD Inventor, Unigraphics among others

    • Create sheet-metal gauge table

    • Variety of Tabs, Flanges and hems

Why BUY SOLIDWORKS, for Sheet-metal Design, from EGS India, Chennai / Coimbatore?


    • Proven Technical support with large number of satisfied customers in Design using SOLIDWORKS in Production

    • SWATT – SOLIDWORKS Authorized Testing, and Training Centre

    • Proven Experience in Working with Sheet-Metal Companies, Progressive Sheet Metal Die Designs

    • Domain knowledge and implementation of Best Design Practice as a part of training program

    • Specialists in Design Automation of Sheet Metal Drawings using VBA & GD and T

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General FAQ inSheetMetal

SolidWorks is a parametric software with an integrated environment for machined parts, Sheet metal, Mold, Structure, and surface modeling. There are dedicated tools for modeling Sheetmetal components.

SolidWorks has the technology to convert the solid body to Sheetmetal by defining the bend areas and all sheet metal parameters such as thickness, bend radius, etc.

SolidWorks supports the import of many CAD formats including AutoCAD format. We also have the option to either import as a drawing or a 2D Sketch. When the 2D Sketch option is selected, we can easily convert the 2D Sketches to 3D Sheetmetal models.

Once the 3D Model is designed in SolidWorks, a cut list will be automatically created for the model containing the number of bends, cuts, material applied, mass, etc.

The commonly used format to give input to laser, plasma, or waterjet cutting machines is DWG or DXF. We can export the SolidWorks 3D model or 2D Drawing to DWG or DXF.

Once a Sheetmetal model is designed in SolidWorks, a tool is available in SolidWorks which flattens the 3D Model to show the exact blank development area so that the raw material can be purchased for the exact size.

While designing a 3D sheet metal model, we provide values for Sheetmetal Thickness, bend radius, K-factor/bend deduction/bend allowances, and relief values. Using all these details, SolidWorks computes the exact blank development area.

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