SOLIDWORKS MBD – Model based definition software is a new way of engineering process to publish a Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data in a more interactive digital format which leads you to a whole new level of Drawingless and Paperless manufacturing technology.

 MBD help designers and engineers to define annotations for parts and assemblies directly in 3D views with all the technical information such as Datum, Basic dimensions, Tolerance dimensions, Geometric tolerances, Bill of materials(BOM) etc

SOLIDWORKS MBD supports companies comply with industry standards, such as MIL-STD-31000A, ASME Y14.41, ISO 16792, DIN ISO 16792, and GB/T 24734

 Advanced Customize templates for individual organization requirements for multiple pages and multiple viewport deliverables such as operations, manufacturing and inspection, SOLIDWORKS MBD delivers various types of file formats such as e-drawings, 3D PDF which can be viewed with a free adobe reader. In addition attachment of native and step model in the same document. This adds more accuracy and clarity while sharing manufacturing information with integrated 3D specifications


  • Simplifies and eliminates the creation of time consuming traditional 2D drawings
  • Recognizes the features or dimensions from the imported or solid models
  • Repurposing of 3D content like annotations, views directly in an industrial standard format
  • Supports digital file formats such as e-drawings and 3D PDF
  • Sharing the intellectual property in a more secured way of protecting with passwords

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