CAD Customization

EGS in Product Customization  /  Design Automation

  1. Battery Systems
  2. Industrial Chain
  3. Metallic Bellows
  4. Cement plant Stair Tower , hoppers etc
  5. Automotive Break Rotor casting
  6. Gantry Crane rope drum
  7. Coil type Heat exchangers
  8. Automotive Leaf Springs
  9. Absorption cooling chiller
  10. Electro static precipitator
  11. MHE components like idler, pulley etc..

and much more…

Battery System Generator


  • Time Reduction: 3 weeks to 30 minutes hour for a model
  • Used to win orders across the country – marketing team

Industrial Chain Customization


  • Time Reduction: 1 weeks to 1 hour for a model
  • Different products for the industry
  • Marketing tool

Metallic Expansion Bellow

Metallic Expansion Bellow


  • Time Reduction in drawing generation per standard catalogs.
  • Different products ranges and types in bellows category
  • Marketing tool and order management
  • Fatigue life calculation

Brake Rotor Design Automation

Steel Platform Design automation


• Time Reduction: for casting drawings •Different product variation with different FIN configurations •FEA automation for stress with report generation

• Different product variation with different FIN configurations

• FEA automation for stress with report generation

Rope Drum Customization

SWL   :5.0 Tonne

Height of Lift  :5.0 Meters


  • Time Reduction & Design automatically based on loads.
  • Manufacturing drawings for different products
  • Thread drawings  dimension calculation according to sizes

Practical Example Presentation On Drawing Automation of Leaf and Parabolic Springs

Design Automation for Release of Manufacturing drawings

Sample GUI input window for automation

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