SIMULIA (Abaqus) Multi-Physics Finite Element Analysis Software –
EGS India is the Authorized Reseller, Training and Support


Specialized Domain Knowledge in Non-Linear FEA and Correlation Experience Solving Real-World Problems

SIMULIA ABAQUS is popular Multi-Physics Finite Element Analysis Software for Product Design Validation – de facto Standard for Non-Linear Finite Element Simulation. Understanding Nature’s Response requires sophisticated Simulation Tools. SIMULIA Sets the Standard when it comes to complex Multi-Physics Simulation involving multiple domains. Whether it is Composites, Foetal Heartbeat, Medical Implants, Elastomers such as Rubber or Metal Forming Simulation, SIMULIA Delivers with accuracy and speed, breaking Industry benchmarks. Whether it is Implicit FEA or Explicit FEA, SIMULIA ABAQUS is a Finite Element Analyst paradise where all complex challenges in performance and failure prediction require mission-critical analyses. EGS India has been in the forefront on delivering Finite Element Analysis Software and Support since 1997. Numerous customers use FEA in production environment and are diligently supported by Support Team of Qualified Engineers with Real-World Simulation Experience, at EGS India. SIMULIA ABAQUS Training is provided by EGS India for effective use of Software and development of IPR that is critical for the long-term Future of any niche industry.

Why Use SIMULIA ABAQUS for Multi-Physics FEA?

  • Accurate, Fast and Able to Solve Complex Engineering Problems
  • Ease of Use to Setup and Analyze Highly Non-linear Simulations
  • Investment in A Finite Element Analysis Software that is the Industry Standard
  • Trusted Support from EGS India – We speak the FEA Language
  • Enables IPR Validation in Innovative New Product Development – A Critical Requirement in Competitive World


  • Integrated CAE Pre- and Post- Processor
  • Implicit and Explicit FEA in a Single Window Integration
  • Improvement in Product Reliability with Real-World Simulation
  • Optimization of design with confidence
  • Integration with popular CAD Software such as SolidWorks, CATIA
  • Design Centric approach to New Product Development with intrinsic Validation for Enhanced Product Life


3DEXPERIENCE Platform of Dassault Systemes provides for cloud based Simulation with SIMULIA Integration in a Seamless manner. Hundreds of companies are using 3DExperience SIMULIA ABAQUS in Simulating complex situations with ease.


3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA has been used in evaluating Product Performance upfront using Concurrent Engineering Processes to eliminate downstream Reliability issues. Avoiding downstream costs associated with product reliability issues is a principle reason why thousands of companies world-wide using SIMULIA ABAQUS – Flagship FEA Code from Dassault Systemes

Composites – Carbon Fibre, Random Fibre, Metal Matrix or any other kind of composite are easily modelled using versatile material modelling capability of SIMULA ABAQUS. Fluid Structure Interaction, Coupled Field Problem solving such as Thermo-Structural are easily defined and analyzed for high levels of accuracy and realism. Practical problem solving is the domain of SIMULIA that very few contemporary software can match in terms of versatility, efficacy and reliability. Robust Product Designs depend on SIMULIA.

Technical Support and Training on SIMULIA ABAQUS

EGS India has been providing training on Finite Element Analysis since 1994. Backed by years of project experience, correlation of test and analyses data, problem solving in multi-physics environment, engineers at EGS training aspiring engineers, professionals and Engineering Teams in companies, on SIMULIA ABAQUS. EGS Support is well known in the industry. Companies rely on support from EGS India to address their problems, solve their issues related to product fit, form and function.

Salient Features of EGS Support and Training for SIMULIA ABAQUS:

  • Training by experienced professionals with world-wide project experience
  • Problem solving approach to training on real-world studies
  • Proven hands-on approach to addressing customer application
  • Comprehensive Implementation based on Customer Product Application with development of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Trusted Technical Support from EGS India
  • Product Design, Validation and Development Experience since 1993


  • Assured Support on Problem Solving from EGS India
  • In-depth knowledge of Finite Element Analysis Technology, Tools and Techniques
  • Experience in handling Reliability Issues and Corrective Actions
  • Process Driven Product Design and Development experience
  • Development of Product Know-how for IPR generation
  • Failure Mode Simulation Experience for varied Industrial Problems
  • Applicaton Experience in wide-variety of Industrial Segments such as Textile, Pump, Material Handling, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Medical, Instrumentation, Process and Power since 1993

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