Automotive FEA

Automobile FEA – Benefits to Customers

EGS India has developed expertise in performing automobile sub-systems FEA and full-vehicle simulations for customers since 1993. Directed towards attaining perfection in Design, FEA Services from EGS India has resulted in numerous benefits for customers resulting in time and cost savings. Backed by correlations to field and lab testing, EGS India has developed considerable domain knowledge and experience in addressing growing challenges in the automotive sector.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Development of Cost-effective Designs in Shorter turnaround time
  • Improved Reliability: Capturing of Failure modes and accurate estimation of Life
  • Elimination of Design Failures in the field

Automobile FEA – Experience of EGS India

EGS India has been involived in a wide range of FEA simulations ranging from component level analysis to full-vehicle FEA for durability, NVH, correlation to field failures, Fatigue and Highly Non-linear events. The Team at EGS India has worked on passenger cars & trucks, light and heavy commercial vehicles and buses used in public transportation to provide design solutions to cost, weight and performance challenges faced in the market place.

Some of the past projects are enumerated below:

  • Design Validation and performance simulation of Off-road Vehicles
  • Instrument Panel NVH
  • Weld Failure Elimination in Sheet-metal sub-systems
  • Wheel Design for Corner and Radial Fatigue Tests ( CFT & RFT )
  • Tri-axial Durability of Engine mounts
  • Design and Fatigue Life prediction for Suspension Spindles, Knuckles and Control Arms
  • Full-vehicle simulation of Buses, Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Fatigue Life Prediction for Manifolds, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps
  • Analysis-to-test correlations for strains & Deflections
  • Suspension Design Validation and Life Prediction
  • Flatness Tolerance Analysis for crankcase machining
  • Assembly analysis and Articulation of Rubber Boots on ball-joints
  • Vibration analysis of two-wheelers for reducing tactile responses
  • Non-linear analysis of elastomers, composites and metals
  • Brake Rotor Design and Thermal Management
  • Durability analysis of composite Torsion Bars
  • Value Addition & Value Engineering ( VAVE ) in Automotive sub-systems
  • Development of DFMEA documents for vehicle sub-systems

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