CFD Simulation

CFD Analysis Services From EGS India

New Products involving Thermal Management functions,Fluid Flow and enhanced performaqnce requirements where CFD has initially found principal usage for higher level of integration of technology, EGS India has vast experince in Developing New Products and addressing industry in relato to Cost Reduction,meeting or exceeding satement of Requirement and performance improvement,Our Recent projects on CFD centric,

  • Experimental correlation for Pressure Drop across Valve
  • Cyclone Separator – functional efficiency estimation and pressure drop calculations
  • Fluid Flow and Thermal Profiling of Reactor column
  • Design of compact Oil Inter-cooler used in Transmission Oil circuit for heavy duty truck applications
  • Finned Heat Exchangers – Design for compactness, higher efficiency and reduced cost
  • Thermal Management of Electronic enclosures – with and without forced convection
  • Development of Vacuum Cleaner Blower and Suction Unit in an integrated product for higher performance efficiency
  • Design, Validation using CFD and Development of Centrifugal pumps for Industrial and Agricultural applications
  • Thermal Management of Brake rotors in automotive applications
  • Pipe Vibrations and Fluid Induced vibrations studies involving coupled fluid flow and structural analyses

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