Elastomer Design Validation using SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Sales and Technical Support from EGS India since 1997

Elastomers such as rubber require special treatment due to material non-linear behaviour. SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides a rich set of resources for accurately modelling real-world problems involving high geometric and material non-linearities. Applications of SOLIDWORKS in non-linear domain are wide ranging. Some of the functionalities include:

  • Seal behaviour subjected to pre-stress due to assembly and operational loading
  • Inflation of tyres with steel/ nylon chord reinforcements
  • Assembly and operational strains in boots, bellows, gaskets, door-seals, bushings, mounts and other visco-elastic materials
  • On-road condition simulation of wheel-tyre assembly, for contact patch calculations and wheel radial fatigue life.
  • Contact stress analysis of seals subjected to pressure, temperature and frictional effects

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Elastomeric Product Design Validation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been proven for design validation of many equipments used in plastic product design. Some of them include:

  • O-rings, Seals and Gaskets
  • Tires – Air filled and Solid
  • Bellows, ball joint boots and automotive elastomers

SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used to determine:

  • Strains (assembly and pre-strain) and Deflections in elastomeric components
  • Efficiency of elastomeric joints for leak-proof design and development
  • Least Cost and Weight Designs
  • Stiffness and deflections due assembly torque
  • Creep and aging effects on elastomers
  • Selective Optimization to reduce cost and weight
  • Fatigue Life prediction and Failure Mode estimation of load-bearing members and components
  • Limit Load Analysis

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