Remain Life Analysis (RLA), Thermal Management of Power Equipements using SOLIDWORKS Simulation – Sales and Technical Support in India since 1997

SOLIDWORKS Simulation has been widely used in the power industry to study efficiency of sub-systems involved in power generation. Combination of what-if scenarios can be studied with ease to understand system response and enhance reliability. Following functionalities have benefited the Power Sector immensely:

  • Remaining Life Analysis of Static and Rotating components such as turbine parts
  • Heat transfer analysis of heat exchangers, boilers, pre-heaters, headers among others.
  • Fluid flow analysis in cyclones, waste-heat recovery systems, chimneys, cooling towers and environmental and pollution control sub-systems
  • Efficiency estimation of pumps
  • Energy flow studies in wind power applications
  • Solutions to Vibration induced failure problems
  • Strength and stiffness calculations for pressure vessels, structural members and tanks
  • Earthquake Response (Seismic) Analysis of sub-systems
  • Creep analysis and aging calculations for high-temperature applications

Advantages of SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Power Applications

  • Wide range of Analysis – From components to Sub-systems to Full Systems
  • Kinematic Analysis using Cosmos Motion for mechanisms such Dampers and Gear-box
  • Life Estimation of rotating components – High Cycle Fatigue
  • Weight reduction of Wind-mill sub-systems such as nacelle frames, hub, extenders, support structures
  • Heat Transfer efficiency prediction in heat exchangers, condensers, chillers among other systems
  • Rotor-dynamic calculations

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