DraftSight 2019 – New and Improved Features for 2D CAD Users

DraftSight 2019 (Professional and Enterprise Editions) has had exciting new features and improvements that would be useful to the 2D CAD users who create Drawings (DWG) files compatible with AutoCAD.

New Features in DraftSight 2019

  • Using _VECTORIZE_IMAGE Command, a user can convert raster image in BMP, JPEG, PNG format into vectorized line entities. This Image Tracing ability improves productivity for Raster to Vector Conversion requirements.
  • This is ideally suited for architectural floor plans, logos and simple images using curves.
  • Generate 2D Floor plan Drawings from 3D Data sets created in HomeByMe web-based design application (.DSHBM File format) used for home and space planning, using DSHOMEBYME Command.
  • IMPORTSVG enables a user to import SVG format files into DraftSight and insert it as a block.
  • Pre-defined Frames and Title Blocks are provided, according to Engineering Standard and can be used using the TB_FRAME command by the user specifying the size and scale.
  • BLOCKATTRIBUTEMANAGER enables the user to Manage Block Attribute Properties and settings in Block Definitions.
  • Table Cells can now use formulae with arithmetic operators along with Count, Sum and Average functions (establishing a relationship with values from other cells).
  • Trim and PowerTrim commands can now be used to trim Hatches and Gradients including associativity while using the Divide option.
  • Moving entities by click and drag with the mouse are now easy and simple.
  • Laser Cutter output can have line-width control using the hairline option for printout

New Improvements in DraftSight 2019

  • CENTERMARK command improves the display of center marks according to standards
  • Viewport Layer Freezing, freezes specified layers in new viewports on layout sheets or freezes selected layers only in the current layout viewport
  • High resolution (4K) Display friendly SVG scalable icons for User interface
  • 3D Mouse support for 2D and 3D Drawings in DraftSight environment – very high productivity for users with simultaneous pan and zoom (for drawings) and rotate for models.
  • Import and Attach tools unified in a new ribbon tab for ease of use

Enhances in DraftSight 2019 API

  • Enhancements include
  • Get toolbar ID
  • Insert and modify curved text
  • Access and modify custom entity
  • Enhancements to existing options for exporting drawing models or sheets to PDF files

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