Drawing has been the language of engineers. In order for the Design, Manufacturing and Inspection departments to understand, interpret and infer the drawing in the same way, unambiguous interpretation of the drawing is mandatory. This avoids re-work, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, loss of time and cost over-runs. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing has evolved into a Popular Standard over the last decade and has come to be accepted as the de facto standard for Manufacturing organizations worldwide. Just as every language comes with Symbols and Grammar, GD&T has also evolved in a language of Symbols and Syntax, which when used with care and caution, helps reduce cost drastically while maintaining or improving quality.

EGS Computers India Private Limited, deriving on experience in Product Design, Simulation and Development, since 1993, has been successful in conducting Executive Training Program to disseminate the GD&T Technology to Indian Engineering Organizations involved in Design, Manufacture and Quality Inspection of engineering goods and services.

Based on over a decade of teaching experience to Industry, GD&T course(s) conducted by EGS India has been well received by the participants across organizations involved in automotive, machine tool, appliance, safety systems, power, heavy engineering and engineering services sectors. GD&T course(s) conducted by EGS India has been carefully developed keeping the Indian manufacturing sector in mind. While basic understanding of GD&T concepts is emphasized for unambiguous interpretation of the standard(s), extensive course material involving worksheets, practical examples, industrial case studies have been provided to the participants ensuring that course objectives are met.

Benefits of GD & T

  • Interpretation of Drawings by Design, Manufacturing and Inspection Teams in the same manner
  • Reduces Tolerances and ensures meeting of Fit, Form and Functional Objectives
  • Drastically improves Quality, Reduces Cost and Eliminates Re-work
  • EGS India has conducted GD & T Training for practising Engineering professionals from Ford India, Novar India (Formerly MK Electric), FCI Group, Delphi TVS Diesel Systems, UCAL Fuel Systems, Power Management Institute (National Thermal Power Corporation ) among others.

Highlights of GD & T Training by EGS India

  • ASME Y 14.5 1995 Standard
  • Differences between ASME and ISO Standards
  • Practical problem solving and Real-world Exercises
  • Gauging Methods and Implications
  • Explanation and Implications of using GD and T Symbols
  • Basic and Advanced GD & T Training
  • Adopted by Reputed Corporations in India
  • Comprehensive Course Material with Real-world Examples

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