In SOLIDWORKS , you can group SOLIDWORKS Assembly mates by status and separate fasteners into folders. You can group the mates by their status, such as Solved mates, mates with ErrorsOver defined matesSuppressed mates, Suppressed mates that reference missing components, and Inactive (fixed) components (mates that reference fixed components).

Group mates and separate fasteners:

  1. In the Feature Manager design tree of an assembly, right-click Mates and click Group Mates.

Grouping Mates in Assemblies

  1. Click By Status to sort mates by status.
  2. If you have fasteners, the option to separate fastener will be active. Click Separate Fasteners to show fasteners in separate folders.

Separating Fasteners into Folder in Assemblies

This option separates mates that reference a Toolbox component into a Fasteners folder. If you edit a mate to include a Toolbox component, the mate moves to the Fasteners folder after you save the changes.

Grouped Mates and Fasteners in Assemblies

In front of each mate folder, the number of mates contained in each folder is displayed. This number includes  the number of mates and the fastener sub-folder. Grouping mates does not affect the solve order for the mates and you cannot override the grouping manually. So, if there is a need to create user-created mate folders, you need to first deactivate the Group Mates option.

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