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4 Feb 2014 Trivitron Healthcare chooses SolidWorks for Medical Product Design

Chennai, India:
Trivitron Healthcare, a Pioneer in Medical devices and Technology, has chosen SolidWorks for Design and Development of new products and technologies. ‘SolidWorks is easy to use, requiring lesser efforts due to faster understanding and is very useful in developing complex geometric shapes as required by design,’ says Dr. G.S.Bhuvaneshwar, Director – Innovation & Education at Trivitron Healthcare.

‘Design cycle time will be greatly reduced with SolidWorks,’ says Mr. Gautam of Trivitron Healthcare Design Team. ‘It is of great significance that Trivitron is taking a leading role in design and development of indigenous products and technologies. We are proud to be associated with Trivitron and look forward to great products being designed using SolidWorks,’ says Mr. R. Natarajan – Managing Director, EGS India.

About Trivitron Healthcare: ( Trivitron Healthcare is a Global Medical Technology company from India making great strides in addressing challenges in the medical industry in terms of Manufacturing, Innovation and Best-in-class healthcare.

About EGS India: ( EGS India, a Design Engineering Solutions provider since 1993, has been working with SolidWorks Corporation in delivering state-of-the-art design solutions using SolidWorks 3D CAD Software. Having offices in Chennai, Coimbatore and Trichy, EGS India has been delivering on challenges faced by the Indian manufacturing industry for the last 2 decades.

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