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8 Feb 2014 Spearhead Busducts Chennai uses SolidWorks 3D CAD from EGS India

Spearhead Busducts Chennai, a leading manufacturer in Low and High Tension/Isolated Phase Bus Ducts, LAVT Panels and Neutral Grounding Cubicles, has invested in SolidWorks for 3D Design, with EGS India – SolidWorks Reseller in Chennai.

‘SolidWorks helps us to present our products to our clients effectively, breaking the communication barrier.  Critical issues are resolved at the design phase, using SolidWorks, on account of 3D Visualization.  Powerful SolidWorks Library functions helps us to reduce man hours during design,’ says Mr. Satish Patnaik -Director, Spearhead Busducts Private Limited, Chennai.

‘We expect to reduce our re-work by reviewing critical points in Design phase with SolidWorks.  Accurate Bill of Material (BOM) and Cutting schedule extraction using SolidWorks, would help us in our business,’ adds Mr. Patnaik.

‘We are proud to be associated with Spearhead Busducts Chennai and are thankful to them for having invested with SolidWorks from EGS India.  This is an important milestone for EGS in the electrical panel/ bus duct industry where the challenges are unique and satisfying,’ says Mr. Rajini – Territory Manager for EGS India Chennai Region.

About Spearhead Busducts:
Spearhead Busducts provide Electrical Engineering Solutions to customers in the areas of Bus Ducts, LAVT Electrical Panels and Grounding cubicles, across India and Rest-of-the-world.  Their designs reflect high quality and performance standards with validation from CPRI, Bangalore.

About EGS India:
EGS India, authorized Reseller of SolidWorks Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy India, is a Design Engineering Services and Software solutions provider since 1993.  With proven expertise in design and development of products and technologies, EGS India has been working with Indian manufacturing industries to deliver superior quality products incorporating new technologies at an affordable cost, in the Global Engineering market.

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