Process Equipment FEA

Process Equipment FEA

EGS India has been successful in predicting the performance and life of Process Equipments for Customers in Petro-chemical and Energy Industries. Solutions to complex problems have been provided by us to customers such as Reliance Group to understand failure modes and provide solutions.

Our customers have benefitted in the following ways:

  • Increase in Life of Equipments such as Heat Exchangers, Blowers, Dryers, Columns
  • Prediction of Failure Modes and Efficiency calculations of existing systems for obtaining higher output
  • Elimination of Vibrations and enhancing equipment life and performance

FEM / FEA / CFD of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Columns, Valves, Dryers, Centrifuges and Environmental Tanks

EGS India provides full scale Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Process Equipments using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Simulation of practical real-Life situations, correlation between test and analysis data, service life prediction, design optimization and failure mode prediction among others. A dedicated team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of real-life situations are involved in such projects benefitting customers.

Some of the projects done by us for client’s world-wide include:

  • Prediction of Shell failures on Dryers due to Stress Corrosion Cracking and enhancing life
  • Elimination of Tube failures in Heat Exchangers and Dryers
  • Design of Tyre support systems for Dryers
  • Elimination of Pipe Vibrations
  • Prediction of tube life in Reactor columns and correlation to actual site data
  • Thermal Efficiency of Heat Exchangers & Boilers
  • Failure mode and life prediction for Bellows and Expansion Joints
  • Seal Failure and Performance Prediction – Elastomeric & Ceramic seals
  • FEA of Elastomers for Seals applications
  • Prediction of service life of rotating components
  • RLA of Steam Turbine components
  • Fluid Flow Simulation of Heat Exchangers & Boilers
  • Stress Analysis of Scrubbers, Pre-heaters and Headers
  • Nozzle stress FEA Calculations and comparison to ASME Code check
  • Hanger stiffness optimization for piping systems
  • Foundation analysis for harmonic excitations from compressors and gensets
  • Shaft failure simulation and life predictions in textile dryers
  • Pressure Drop across Butterfly valves and correlation to experimental data
  • Deflection and stiffness calculations for large environmental equipments

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