SOLIDWORKS Machine Design

Unique Functions of SOLIDWORKS for Machine Designers

SOLIDWORKS – Benefits for Machine Design

  • Customized Interface for Machine Designers
  • Interactive Design of Machine Elements
  • Intuitive Design of Mechanisms using SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual
  • Estimation of Costs using SOLIDWORKS Costing – Design for Cost
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis with TolAnalyst
  • Ability to visualize, check and validate Design Concepts in 3D
  • Production-ready Bi-Directional Parametric 2D Drawings that update automatically with Design Changes
  • Communicate 2D and 3D Designs using e-Drawings – for SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD DWG and DXF
  • Machine Design Library Sketches, Features, Parts, Assemblies for Drag-and-Drop
  • Reduce or eliminate ECO’s and ECN’s ( resulting in cost benefits )
  • Improve Reliability by performing FEA using SOLIDWORKS Simulation inside SOLIDWORKS – No Translation of design data

Special Toolset for Machine Designers

Time-saving functionalities of SOLIDWORKS Professional for Machine Design

  • Design checker – A timesaving tool for ensuring compliance with your organization’s design standards
  • Workgroup PDM – product data management – Control CAD file revisions and manage all project data more efficiently
  • Toolbox – A time-saving library of Smart Parts, fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS software
  • DriveWorksXpress – Easy to use design automation tool that allows automation of most tedious and repetitive design tasks
  • DFMXpress – An upfront validation tool that allows engineers and designers to catch geometry that could be difficult, expensive or impossible to machine by conventional methods early in the design process when mistakes can easily be fixed
  • Smart Component Technology – an innovation that automates assembly tasks such as selecting and inserting standard bolts into holes and adding washers and nuts in the correct sequence
  • Configuration Management – To create Multiple Design Variation
  • Convert 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D using SOLIDWORKS
  • Use AutoCAD 2D Command Emulatore in Sketch mode for faster turnaround time.

EGS India – Customer’s Choice for Machine Design Requirements from SOLIDWORKS

  • Technical support from product design engineering team with in-depth experience in handling large design projects, since 1993
  • SWATT – SOLIDWORKS Authorized Testing, and Training Centre
  • Proven Experience in Design of Special Purpose Machines (SPM), Validation of Machining Centres (CNC)
  • Imparting innovative design processes and best practices to accelerate product development
  • Specialists in Large Assembly Management, Design Automation using VBA & GD and T

Purchase SOLIDWORKS in India by investing with the right partner – EGS India :

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