Top 5 Tips and Tricks of SOLIDWORKS 2019 Enhanced Features

1.New Chamfer and Fillet Creation Options

> Create or modify partial chamfers and fillets along a portion of an edge

> Instant changes of chamfer and fillet creation with handy graphical controls

Users can now either simply drag or enter an offset value to define the start and end location for their chamfer or fillet.

This will save users lots of time. Still in the older versions a common workaround to achieve a partial chamfer was to either split the model into two bodies and perform the chamfer on only one of the bodies, then you need to re-combine the bodies back together. SOLIDWORKS 2019 allows users to save a lot of work with this great new partial chamfer/fillet option.

2. Multi-Body Part Interference

One of the best SOLIDWORKS feature in an assembly called interference detection, which is available for a long time, and several years ago SOLIDWORKS extended its benefits to detect interference between multi-body part within an assembly. If you have a multi-body part in your assembly, you could check interference between the bodies of this part file. But you could not do this in a part mode. This means that, you still had to take a moment and add this one single multi-body part in to an assembly. This is the only way to run an interference detection.

 From SOLIDWORKS 2019, we can save time by jumping right into the interference detection command while in part mode. When we are working in part mode on a multi-body part now the Interference Detection tool is available on the Evaluate toolbar.

Finally, it identifies the problematic area, and allows to make modification depends on the manufacturing feasibility.

3. eDrawings Free now has the Measure command

Some excellent feature from eDrawings Professional 2018 has been migrated to the Free version of eDrawings 2019.

The measure command was only available to eDdrawings Professional users still 2018. Now from 2019 you can able to see that the measure tool is now available for all files, and for all versions of eDrawings (even the free eDrawings viewer).

4. Bounding Box in Assemblies

Enhancement in SOLIDWORKS 2019 is an assembly level Bounding Box feature. For any assembly which contains geometry you can create a Bounding Box which calculates a minimum volume of that geometry.

5. Group SOLIDWORKS Assembly Mates and Fasteners into Folders

From SOLIDWORKS 2019 you can group SOLIDWORKS Assembly mates by separate fasteners into folders and status.

You can group the mates by their status, such as Solved mates, mates with Errors, Inactive (fixed) components (mates that reference fixed components), suppressed mates, suppressed mates that reference missing components and over defined mates.

So there you have it – our top 5 Tips and Tricks of SOLIDWORKS 2019 Enhanced Features! Stay tuned for another tips, tricks, and tutorials! Thanks for reading!

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