Environment Archive:

The Environment Archive can contain all the Library items and all of the Active Projects. Depending on the size of your Environment and whether you are using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D will greatly affect the size of your Environment.

1. To Archive the Environment, the Command is run from a Client Computer. Here are the steps to archiving the Environment.

2. Launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic on a client computer.

3. From the File tab of the Command Ribbon (Command Manager) Select Archive Environment.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

4. The Archive Environment Wizard will Launch

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Archive Environment

5. Click the Next Button to Proceed to the Selection Tab of the Archive Environment Wizard.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Archive Environment Wizard

6. If you are archiving the Environment for a Server Move I would select all objects. Otherwise, you can select an appropriate option.

7. After making your Selection Click on the Next Button. You will see a Summary of all the items to be archived.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Archive Environment 2

8. Click Finish to begin the archive process (This may take some time to see any activity, the system is gathering data)

9. Next, you will be prompted for the location and File name to save the Archive. (by default the archive is named Enviroment_Date.tewzip save this file to a location that you can access later.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2

Thank you for Reading!